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Heart Healthy Thanksgiving

How to Have the Meal That You Want Without the Guilt Afterward

Thanksgiving is quickly approaching and we all know that during the holidays, people indulge a bit too much. Where most people will claim that it is ok to indulge on this special occasion, those that are trying to lose a few pounds of have major health concerns can find it difficult to restrain themselves from the vast amount of food that is being offered. There is a way to have a heart healthy Thanksgiving meal without feeling like you are missing out on any of the good stuff. Here are some suggestions.

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Winter Drinks

Drinks to Make for the Family This Winter That Will Warm Them to the Soul

Winter is quickly approaching, and this time of year calls for something warm in your cup on chilly evenings with the family. Family friendly drinks are not always easy to find, but kids like warm drinks just as much as adults, so it pays to seek out refreshments for the little ones. Here are some drink ideas that will keep them warm and satisfied even on the coldest of days.

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Fall Landscaping Ideas

It is finally here! The heated days of summer are quickly nearing their end and the glow of the autumn colors are coming into view. This time of year is perfect for landscaping and outdoor projects. If you want to be the envy of your neighborhood, here are just a few fall landscaping ideas to make your outdoor space take full advantage of the season.

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Fun Fall Family Activities

 Just because the kids have gone back to school and summer is over does not mean that family time should be put on the back burner. Fall is an excellent time to get out with the family and enjoy some fun. Family time is precious and here are some ideas that will allow you to take full advantage of that family time with your little ones for the fall season.

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Healthy Lunches Equal Healthy Kids

Why packing your kid’s lunch may be the healthiest solution

The school season is upon us. For many children, this means another year of cafeteria breakfasts and lunches. And while not every school is the same in terms of the menu, there is a general conscience among students that cafeteria food is just not that good. This has led to many students either neglecting parts of their meal, or in some cases avoiding eating all together. Neither of these practices is ideal for the growth and development of your child. Where allowed, packing your child’s lunch may be the best solution for lunch. Here is why.

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