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Indoor Plant Selections

Great plant options for when you can’t plant outdoors

Indoor plants are a vital part of ensuring that your home is vibrant and that you remain healthy. A study by NASA showed that common house plants increase the quality of air in the home making breathing easier. Another study conducted by the University of Nevada showed that people with indoor plants are happier. Even if you have an outside garden, you should consider having one of the many varieties of indoor plants in your home. Here are a few selections we think are ideal for any home.

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5 Plants for Summer

Plants that can stand the summer heat available now at Trax Farms

Summer is upon us and so is the heat. If you are like so many people that love plants but have a hard time keeping them alive in the summer months, than you may be pleased to know that there are a great many plants which thrive in warm weather. There are several selections of plants which live in hot regions. Consider the beauty of the tropics and such places. They are iconic for their flowers and known for their hot weather. Trax Farms has a large selection of such plants, but here are 5 to get you started.

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Sweet Corn

What is so sweet about sweet corn?

The tasty delicious facts about sweet corn

There are fewer images which are iconic to a harvest farm other than corn. From the mentioning of the word farmer, I automatically start to think of vast rows of corn sprouting up with bright yellow heads ready for picking. Sweet corn is among the most common of the “yellow” corns and has fundamental differences between the traditional field corn.

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The Benefits of going BLUE

Build memories and fill your baskets with blueberries from Trax Farms.

We have all heard about going green, and where we do promote a healthy environment and life choices which will enrich not only your life but that of the planet, we want you to think about going blue. Specifically, consider picking some blueberries this summer. As a child I remember reading Blueberries for Sal by Robert McCloskey and thinking how wonderful it would be to be able to go and pick berries. Since I have become an adult, I have had many opportunities to pick blueberries and I have not been disappointed once in the experience.

There are a tremendous amount of benefits that you and your family can obtain from such an outing.  Apart from the memories which your family will share from spending time together, the health benefits of blueberry consumption are enormous. Here are just a few of those benefits.

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This nutrient is good for the plant as a whole. The root system, flower, and fruit all benefit from the proper amount of phosphorus added to the soil. Like potassium this nutrient is also not as portable as nitrogen and has to be worked into the soil.


Like humans, overindulging in food can be damaging to the plant. Overdoing it with the nitrogen will cause the plant to spring up quickly, but often times the leaves will have burned edges and will not look very attractive. Overfeeding can be worse than depriving the plant of the nutrients to begin with.

Plants That Grow in the Area

The warm humid summers of Pennsylvania are great for certain annuals. These annuals tend to grow throughout the summer and will last until the first frost hits. The annuals that grow in Pennsylvania work great for cut flowers. Here are some annuals that are perfect for our area.

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