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Gardening Tips for Spring

Gardening Tips for Spring

Spring is a magical time of year. Almost overnight the earth wakes up from a long winter’s nap and turns green with new life. The air seems fresher and people emerge from their homes ready to spend some time outside amongst all the natural beauty. Spring is also the time of year many choose to celebrate life by tilling up the sleepy ground and planting a fresh batch of seeds.

Gardening is enjoyed by a variety of people. What once was a way of life for almost every person in the nation has become lost to some. With the price of everything going up many people are turning back to the traditions of growing our own food to reduce the ever increasing grocery bill. For a well-seasoned gardener starting a new garden is a joyous experience. Working in the earth brings us back to nature in all its glory.

For the novice, starting a garden can be a very stressful entity. A beginner needs all the help they can get, so here are a few tips to ensure that your gardening experience will be less stressful and fill your home with all the fresh fruits and veggies your family craves.


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All About Pansies

Pansies are one of the most beautiful and widely used varieties of flowers. They come in a wide variety of colors and have heart-shaped leaves. Pansies usually contain two different colors, usually a lighter color with a darker color streaked within the leaves. They are a low lying flower that grows best in cool weather. Many attempts have been made to create a pansy variety suited for warmer weather, but none have been successful.


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Grilled Veggies and Peach Recipes

Grilled Homegrown Cucumber Pineapple Sage Recipe


This week we focus on some fun summer recipes with our homegrown vegtables. That means grilling! These recipes and simple, easy and bursting with flavor. From grilled corn dip or fresh homemade peach salsa, perfect for football parties, to the refined taste of the grilled pineapple, sage and cucumber salad there is something for everyone. we even have another fun drink recipe. Our Raspberry Peach Melbay uses this month's wine of the month, Peaceful Peach, so you can save a little $ too. Which always make everything taste better. Check out more photos of the delicious recipes on our Pinterest.

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Peach and Blueberry Recipes

Easy Peach Bellini Wine Recipe Trax Farms


As blueberry season comes to a close, our fields come alive with ripe, delicious veggies. A simple stroll through our 325 acres and you'll find Pittsburgh's Best Sweet Corn, a wide variety of homegrown peppers, cantaloupe, broccoli and locally, homegrown peaches. 

To celebrate the end of the blueberry season, we added one last blueberry recipe. It's the perfect recipe to break up those smoothie blues and makes excellent use with those extra Pick Your Own Blueberries in your freezer. Easy, healthy peach inspires dinner and dessert options what pair perfectly with our wine of the month, Peaceful Peach

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Blueberry and July 4th Recipe Ideas


Blueberry season is here. We have Blueberry Wine, our fresh-picked blueberries are in our market and starting next week you’ll be able to Pick Your Own Blueberries. To celebrate the beginning of this delicious season we made a few of our favorite Blueberry Recipes from Grandma Trax's recipe book. From a simple blueberry crisp, using our blueberry mix, to a coffee cake perfect for a weekend brunch. And we have a new recipe for this July 4th weekend that pairs perfectly with this month's wine: Arrowhead's Ambrosia.

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