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Why Flea Markets are better than Yard Sales

Why vending at a flea market is better than a yard sale


In the past when I have wanted to clear out the garage or a storage facility, the first thought that came to my mind was that I needed to have a yard sale (the second thought was that I will just wait and do it later). I would haul out all of the goods which I wanted to sell and sit in my yard or a friend’s yard and try to peddle my goods. Yet, for all of my efforts, I rarely saw a profit worth the effort. I then sought out different means in which to get rid of my valuables and found that being a vendor at a flea market to be a better solution. Here is why.


A reverse way of sales

If you look at the flea market, it is a different way in which to perform sales. For the most part, sales involves you trying to find a select demographic or a target group to sale to. Even if you are doing a yard sale, you are catering to the hope that someone will drive by and see all of your stuff in the yard and then stop and find what you want to sell. This can be quite difficult, especially if you are selling goods from a trade (such as custom made wood furniture) which has an even smaller target audience.

What is remarkable about the vendor of a Flea Market is that the public chooses to come to you. They are already seeking the goods to buy and so you do not have to “pitch” your product to them. The customers are already wanting to buy. All you have to do is present a quality product that they want to purchase at a price they are willing to pay. Overall, it takes most of the sales work out of the equation.

Coupled together vendors are more appealing

When you see a group of people selling goods, there is a level of creditability given to the vendors. Whether or not those selling have any more creditability than those which chose to do so on their own is debatable. However, the fact remains that when a person sees a group of merchants that the person is more drawn to invest in that group. It really boils down to the attraction of people to a crowd. The same mentality has been used by politicians (crowd funding), fairs (have you ever wanted to attend an empty fairground), pep rallies, etc. The point is that the more of a crowd there is the more apt a person is to purchase your goods.

The security factor

Perhaps one of the most appealing factors of the vendor at the Flea Market is the security, not only for the customer but for the vendor as well. For the customer, there is less likely to be someone that swindles and steals from them. Additionally, there is less hesitation with a vendor then with pulling into a stranger’s yard to look at goods. For the vendor, there is a reduced risk of being robbed or having their goods shoplifted. Again, this is one of the benefits of working in a group.

Damage Control

With a Yard Sale, you have the probability that someone will go through your goods and “test” them out. The problem with that is that people have a tendency to break what they try. And where you may have the sign that says that if you break it you buy it, such is a bit harder to implement if you are the only person around. However, if you are a vendor and have such a sign then you have other vendors which are close buy which can act as a way of validating any claim that the person has destroyed and therefore must purchase the product. Where most people will not damage your goods and while most people will be respectful of your goods, it is always beneficial to have a plan in place for those rare situations where something does happen. Better to have a plan then to be left holding the bag.

Trax Farm Flea Market

If you are looking to sell your goods, consider becoming a vendor at Trax Farm. The park and sell community flea market will be held the first Saturday of August and September. Vendors can choose to have a vendor stand or they can park and sell right from their vehicle. Please contact Trax Farm for more details. Trax farm is located in Finleyville PA just outside of Pittsburgh. You can reach us by taking 79 or 839. If you need to have help finding us call us directly at 412-835-3246. Trax Farms is open Monday to Saturday 9am to 8pm. & Sunday 9am to 6pm. 










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