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Holiday Decoration Ideas

Make Your Home Sparkle All Season


This time of year is full of wonder and magic. The Holiday season is what many people wait for all year long. The family and the food that surrounds the family gatherings is truly amazing. Spending time with friends and laughing about past holiday memories is simply an unmatched experience, but you cannot truly relax at these gatherings, especially if they are happening in your home, unless your home is expertly decorated. It is true that you can hire someone to come in and decorate your home to the utmost magnitude, but that sort of decorating seems to lack substance and can feel cold. You want your home to feel inviting and warm, so here are some ideas to get you started on your decorating journey.



Decorate a Banister

There are many ways that you can decorate your home and a banister within a home is generally used only to put greenery on, but there is so much more that can be done for a simple banister. One great idea is to use brightly colored ribbon and wrap the banister. From the ribbon, you can hang ornaments, or even the kid’s holiday picture to give it a unique and homey appeal.

Old Mittens

One of the most neglected pieces of clothing is the common mitten. Kids grow out of them or lose one of them making it just another piece of clothing lying around the house, but mittens no longer have to be an eyesore. You can turn them into something wonderful. Old mittens can serve as a piece for the kids to decorate and hang from their own wall or collect them all to make a festive holiday reef for the door. Another idea is to attach a string and lovingly display the mittens from the mantle above the fireplace along with the stockings.

Unique Tree Decorations

Decorating the tree for the year usually means taking out the same old ornaments that have been used for years and placing them lovingly on the tree, but a Christmas tree does not necessarily have to be so perfect. Some of the prettiest trees have homemade decorations that the kids have made throughout the years. It not only gives the tree a unique appearance, but enables the family to have something to reminisce about throughout the season. Another idea that is becoming more and more popular is to add scents to the Christmas tree. Bundling cinnamon sticks together and tying them to a branch is the perfect way to add a subtle scent to the air when guests arrive.

Pine Cones

Pine trees have become true symbols of the holiday season and as the trees drop their beautiful pine cones, most of them simply lie on the ground without much thought, but pine cones can make for a very beautiful and budget friendly display. Pine cones can be sprayed with silver paint, sprinkled with glitter, or just left all natural and placed in centerpieces, on mantles, and practically anywhere around your home. If you leave them natural, you can spread peanut butter on them along with birdseed for an easy to make birdfeeder, so the uses of pine cones will go on and on.

Add a Water Feature

Centerpieces can take an ordinary table to the next level and for that reason they have become a staple in holiday decorating, but you do not have to spend a fortune to have the perfect centerpiece. Water in a vase along with a few floating tea light candles can give your holiday meal that royal touch. For a more rustic appeal, try adding in a few branches from an evergreen tree and maybe even a few stray ornaments that are not being used elsewhere. The soft glow will brighten the table up and make the food taste even better while dining by candlelight.

Trax Farms

With all of your decorating in order, you can now concentrate on what you will feed your hungry guests. A holiday meal of such importance deserves the top-quality produce that can only be found at Trax Farms in Finleyville, PA. We take pride in offering the best produce to our customers and you can taste the love that goes into every plant with every bite you take of your expertly created dishes. We offer a wide variety of fruits and veggies throughout the holiday season and even if you are not in the market for produce, you can bring the family by for a day of fun and excitement right here on the farm. Both kids and adults will appreciate Trax Farms and all that we put into the holiday season. Skip the grocery store and go to where the produce is spectacular. Come see us at Trax Farms today.


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