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After School Snacks needed for today’s youth

Why nutrients outside of the school system is vital

In today’s schools, there has been a definitive focus on the meals and nutritional value of those meals, primarily because of the Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act of 2010. And while the efforts to provide nutrients to youth who would otherwise not get any kind of substantial food is admirable, there are problems which cannot be avoided. First, many students are not eating the “gross” meals, reports the Washington post. Secondly, the school lunch programs are still, in a large part, monitored and maintained locally, meaning that they have the option to opt out of serving certain meals to youth. Overall, the result has been the same as it has in years past. Children will eat what they find to be appealing, and in many cases, will snub their noses at the things which are deemed nutritional. So, how does one go about ensuring that their youth are getting the nutrients needed for healthy growth and development? The answer is to stock their personal refrigerators and pantries with healthy snacks.


The truth about snacking

Traditionally, the saying that you should not eat this or that because it could spoil your lunch or dinner would apply. But, as kids health pinpoints, when the food is the right kind and at the right times, they can play an important role for boosting nutrition. According to the site, if you well-time the snacks and if you provide snacks with nutrients, it can give “much-needed energy boosts between meals.”

Youth, especially those in the teen and pre-teen years, require an abundance of energy. If you have ever seen a teenager raid the fridge, then you understand that keeping a stock of food may be difficult. This is where fresh fruits and vegetables can come into play. Fruit, specifically fruit which is offered by a local farm/provider, tends to be less per serving then the fast food, processed, and mass-produced options which are available. Secondly, as fruit is easily toted from one location to another without the need for special packaging and preparation, youth are more apt to pick it over other alternatives if provided the option.

There are basically two ways in which you can offer fruits and vegetables to your youth as a snack. The first is to have the fruit or the vegetable in raw format. Generally, fruit is more successful than vegetables in doing this. You may have success with carrots, celery, and radishes if you provide salad dressing/dipping sauce. The second method is to make easy recipes and eliminate “junk food” options. By doing so the youth is forced to eat healthy (as there is no junk food option available), but does not have to have the vegetables raw. Keep in mind that if you must warm it up, transport it, or if it requires too much to prepare and eat that it may not be the best solution for a snack. To see some seasonal recipes for fruits and vegetables see the Trax Farm Recipe section of the site.

Snacks for a quicker lifestyle

As stated, fruits and vegetables offer a no to low preparation time before they can be eaten. This is vital for those who are seeking to implement healthier eating habits into his or her home. Since the average youth is involved in extracurricular activities (most are involved in more than one) which requires a hustle and bustle after the school day ends, having something on hand between the soccer practice, football, dance, theatre club, etc. is necessary. Unfortunately, more often than naught the food which is chosen is fast food. According to WebMD a child can gain as much as 6 pounds of more from fast food a year. This number is assuming that the child gets the right proportion size, which many do not. Upsizing can increase this number or even double it. Substituting fresh fruits and vegetables over the fast food can help to regulate weight gain while at the same time combat existing health issues, boost energy, save money, and encourage healthy lifestyle habits. What is there not to love about that?

Find the right snacks for you at Trax Farms

Trax farms understands that not every family, or youth for that matter, has the same tastes. This is why we offer an abundance of selections over our 85,000 square foot farm market and Garden center. Trax Farm is over six generations old, focusing on family, quality, and tradition. Should you have any questions on which fruits and vegetables would make for a great snack, seasonal or otherwise, or if you need to find a few recipes for that youth who will just not eat anything in raw form, ask us. We will use our years of experience to help you find the right combination for your family. Just come by and see us. We are located off of Route 88 in Finleyville PA. For directions please use the site or call us at (412) 835 3246.


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