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Healthy Lunches Equal Healthy Kids

Why packing your kid’s lunch may be the healthiest solution

The school season is upon us. For many children, this means another year of cafeteria breakfasts and lunches. And while not every school is the same in terms of the menu, there is a general conscience among students that cafeteria food is just not that good. This has led to many students either neglecting parts of their meal, or in some cases avoiding eating all together. Neither of these practices is ideal for the growth and development of your child. Where allowed, packing your child’s lunch may be the best solution for lunch. Here is why.


Input into their eating habits

The APA advises that meals be prepared and eaten together, siting that those families which do so are 35% less likely to have youth which engage in dangerous weight-loss efforts and 20% less apt to eat unhealthy foods. While you cannot eat lunches with your child daily, by actively working together to create the meals they will eat, you get the next best thing. The phycology behind this is that the child feels that he or she has had input into the decision process, that they were not forced into option A or B but rather that they formulated their own recipe for the day. This empowerment gives more room for the child to accept and to eat the food which is provided, thus giving that child, the nutrients needed for the day, than if he or she was forced to eat a meal selection that they had no voice in choosing.

When you and your child develop your meal plan, ensure that you emphasis the importance of a balanced meal. This means that you should have fresh fruits and vegetables every day as well as your proteins and starches. Keep track of your BMI to know exactly how big your serving size should be. Those who are trying to regulate weight or loose weight through healthy habits may wish to talk to their doctor about their meal plan.

They will get enough to eat

I have personally seen children who binge on fast food and snacks after school, and I have even known a youth who has passed out regularly after school due to lack of energy, simply because the portion size was not adequate. As ideal as the Healthy Food program may be in some schools, there is no way that a school system (regardless of how good it is) can know the personal dietary needs of each student. Some students require more food while others require less. The fact that many schools only serve the lowest mandated portions to the students, makes the likelihood that the student is not getting enough to eat rather high. Combine this with the fact that most kids, up to 95% of the total school population, are invested in some form or an extra-curricular activity which drains energy, and you have a dangerous risk of draining the energy and nutrients from the child.

By packing your child’s lunch, you ensure that there is a variety of foods which provide a high level of energy rich content. Secondly, you increase the probability that all the food will be eaten as you know the likes and dislikes of your child. Third, you can monitor the portion size and adjust it as needed. Should you find that more food is needed you can add more fruits and vegetables. You can also pinpoint any areas in your child’s diet which may need help.

Reduce additives and toxins

While we do not wish to address the preservatives and additives in food, they are still there. Unless your child is going to an elite school, then the odds are that food and produce are not being shipped in fresh every day. There is a form of preservatives in the food, especially in the frozen foods, which is not healthy for your child. While the FDA and many other organizations regulate the amount, which is allowed in school foods, parents should be aware that the nutrients in the food depreciates when it is stored and packed. Fresh food is always better.

Where can you get fresh food for lunches

If you are interested in preparing fresh meals for your child and need a place to start, please look at Trax Farms. Our farm has a wide selection of fresh fruits and vegetables year-round. Recipes and helpful articles are also available on our site. Should you find that you still need some advice, do not worry. We have generations of knowledge from our family oriented, professional staff. Just find one of us and let us know your question and we will do our best to help. Trax Farms is located in Finleyville, PA just off of Route 88.


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