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Fun Fall Family Activities

 Just because the kids have gone back to school and summer is over does not mean that family time should be put on the back burner. Fall is an excellent time to get out with the family and enjoy some fun. Family time is precious and here are some ideas that will allow you to take full advantage of that family time with your little ones for the fall season.

Apple Picking
Fall is not just a time to sit back and watch the leaves change color. There are some wonderful produce to be had during this season. You might think of fall in terms of merely root vegetables, but this is the time of year where apples reign supreme. Take the family out for a day of fun and learning at a local orchard. The experience is not just about picking as many apples as possible, but a true time to teach children about the cycle of plant life and how to choose the perfect apple before plucking it from the branch. You might be under the conclusion that kids these days are simply connected to their technology, but when you get a child out in nature, you find that the simple things are truly what they crave the most and time with their parents is essential for a happy life.

Cook Fall Treats
For the main cook in the family, cooking can feel like nothing more than a chore, but truthfully, it is an important thing to teach children. There will be times when going outside is not an option with the occasional fall rain and the fun does not have to stop just because you are indoors. Take some of those apples that you picked and make a variety of fall treats. The tastes of fall come alive in apple turnovers and pies. Apart from the essential fruits, the basic ingredients for many of these fall based treats are cinnamon, flour, brown sugar, and a few eggs. Even though people make baking look difficult, it really is not and enjoying the treats as a family or bringing them to a neighbor make for a perfect fall indoor day.

Make a Wreath
Wreaths are wonderful and these days they are hung on the doors of homes for all seasons. There are plenty of fall wreaths to choose from at your local store, but do not get sucked into merely purchasing one. Make one of your own. Take small tree branches and wind them around together to form the basic shape of the wreath and allow the kids to tie or glue fall items to it. Leaves make for an excellent natural wreath, but if you want to add more to it, small plastic pumpkins or small fall figurines such as scarecrows will give you the perfect fall wreath for your door.

Go Camping
The thought of sleeping outdoors is enough to make some people cringe a bit, but camping is one of the best activities for any family. It allows families to disconnect from technology and enjoy spending time with one another. The joy of camping in the fall means that it is still warm enough that you will not freeze and warming up by the fire is an unmatched experience. Camping gives the little ones an appreciation for nature and the opportunity to view it all up close. If you happen to be a little worried about sleeping on the ground, many campgrounds offer bunk style cabins for the experience of being outside without having to actually sleep out there.

Find a Corn Maze
There are so many fall activities that are perfect for families, but nothing seems to scream the autumn season quite like a corn maze. Children of all ages will enjoy wondering around trying to find their way out. Even if you, as an adult, understand where the exit is, let the kids try to help the family out, so they can feel like they rescued the family from the clutches of the corn maze. There are some activities that are just perfect for the season and the cool air combined with the thick rows in the maze will make for a fun afternoon with the ones you love.

Trax Farms
There is no need to head far out of town to enjoy the fun of fall. Come find it locally here at Trax Farms in Finleyville, PA. We have a wide range of activities build just for the family during the fall season. A whole day of fun can be had right here on the farm and when the festivities are over, you can enjoy some of the best produce and even wine around. Take the family out to Trax Farms today and watch their eyes light up with wonder and family fun for all.


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