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Winter Drinks

Drinks to Make for the Family This Winter That Will Warm Them to the Soul

Winter is quickly approaching, and this time of year calls for something warm in your cup on chilly evenings with the family. Family friendly drinks are not always easy to find, but kids like warm drinks just as much as adults, so it pays to seek out refreshments for the little ones. Here are some drink ideas that will keep them warm and satisfied even on the coldest of days.

Winter Lemonade

There is nothing more refreshing on a hot summer day than a cold glass of lemonade, but that is not something that is so refreshing when the temperatures begin to drop. For the refreshing taste of lemonade in the dead of winter, try Winter Lemonade. It is easy to make with the option to make a whole pitcher or just a glass. To make the drink, you simply slice up a few lemons. Add the lemons to the water along with honey and a few cinnamon sticks. For a small amount, put the mixture in the microwave, or for a whole batch boil it on the stove. Allow everything to steep together for a few minutes once it is hot and strain out the larger ingredients. You can even make this in the crock pot for an addition to a holiday meal.

Easy Vanilla Milk

This is another recipe that is adapted from a summer favorite. Vanilla ice cream is a staple, but in winter, it is typically not something that people seek out. The flavors however in vanilla ice cream are perfect for the winter season. Vanilla Milk is easy and the perfect thing to go along with all of those Christmas cookies you intend making this year. Simply take milk, add in sugar, and vanilla flavoring. Warm the mixture on the stove, slow cooker or in the microwave for a warm, creamy addition to dessert, or to give the kids a little something warm and sweet before going to bed.

Spiced Up Hot Chocolate

Today, hot chocolate is generally found in packets that are added to hot milk or water. They are full of unnecessary sugars and additives and are not very healthy for anyone. Hot chocolate is however a staple drink for the winter season, so take the time to make it right and add specific spices to make it your own. Unsweetened cocoa, sugar, chocolate chips, and milk all are excellent ingredients to make the standard hot chocolate, but to add a bit more flare, try adding in chili powder or cayenne. The concept can seem a bit foreign to those who have never tried it, but paring hot spices with chocolate is the perfect match. The spice brings out the intricate flavor notes within the chocolate intensifying the flavor. Even for those that cannot tolerate the high heat of the spices, the heat level can be adjusted accordingly without sacrificing the flavor.

Pear and Cinnamon Milk

Pears are perfect for the winter season. Many desserts utilize pears for their sweetness and amazing texture. In this recipe however, it is best to just use canned pears. They have a softer texture than the standard fresh pear. Milk of any variety can be used as well. Again, you can make a large batch or just a small portion. Milk is combined with the pear juice and cinnamon sticks. This works best if you can use your slow cooker to slowly bring the flavors together. Diced pears are a good idea as they will add the pear flavor, but also bring a nice fruity bite to the drink.

Mint Hot Chocolate Float

This idea takes hot chocolate to an insanely tasty level. The standard hot chocolate mix of milk, chocolate chips, and unsweetened cocoa is an excellent base to keep in mind, but when you feel like having a mix of hot and cold, ice cream can make all the difference. Virtually any flavor of ice cream can be added into cups of hot chocolate to make a float, but during the winter season, mint chocolate chip ice cream will add the flavors of the season with some amazing texture. For convenience at a party, make the hot chocolate in the slow cooker to stay warm and just allow guests to scoop the mint ice cream out into their cups.

Trax Farms

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