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Heart Healthy Thanksgiving

How to Have the Meal That You Want Without the Guilt Afterward

Thanksgiving is quickly approaching and we all know that during the holidays, people indulge a bit too much. Where most people will claim that it is ok to indulge on this special occasion, those that are trying to lose a few pounds of have major health concerns can find it difficult to restrain themselves from the vast amount of food that is being offered. There is a way to have a heart healthy Thanksgiving meal without feeling like you are missing out on any of the good stuff. Here are some suggestions.

Smaller Dishes

Part of what makes Thanksgiving so indulgent is the fact that there is so much food. Portions are insane around this time of year. Casseroles are made for the whole family and therefore they are very large. The solution is not to go without these favorite treats, but to minimize the availability. It is all about the psychology of the mind with portion sizes. Instead of making an entire casserole in the largest dish possible, half the size of the dish. The overall portion will be smaller, but what it does is encourage guests to put less on their plate as taking a huge portion of a small dish will be noticed by the other guests. Taking a little will still ensure that they get to eat what they want without making a huge dent in what is available for others.

Skip the Casseroles

I know that this is bordering on insane territory, but casseroles are not actually a necessity. Where it is true that mounds of cheese and cream are excellent ways to combine ingredients into a dish, the act is merely adding in a lot of unnecessary fat. Sure, you will have those that claim that they cannot have Thanksgiving meal without the standard fare, I assure you that when the food is prepared properly without all of the extra fat, they will feel full without feeling lazy after the large meal.

Concentrate on Vegetables

Yes, there are some people who claim that they are not vegetable people. This is simply not true of anyone. Preparing vegetables is easy if you understand what you are doing. Here in America we have the mindset that vegetables have to be prepared in a complex manner in order to taste good. The truth is that vegetables that are paired with simple flavors and seasonings allow the true flavor to come through. It is also important that if you intend on putting plenty of vegetables out that you only used the fresh variety. Where canned vegetables are much easier to prepare, they also house hidden dangers such as sodium. The bonus of fresh vegetables is that they fill us up quicker than canned as they have far more nutrients remaining after the cooking process. It will take more time to prepare the fresh vegetables, but the payoff is a guilt free meal.

Watch the Bread

Good bread is a wonderful thing to have at any gathering. It brings the meal together and provides a vehicle to soak up all of those amazing sauces that come from the dishes, but bread is full of sugars. The solution is not to do away with bread altogether, just simply keep in mind how it is prepared and the ingredients used. Whole wheat flour provides more nutrients than standard bleached flour with the same leavening results. Adding in nuts and seeds to the standard roll recipe can add more nutrients and find recipes that utilize good fats such as olive oil rather than butter. This is another instance where you can make the portions smaller to keep people from over indulging

Stuffing and Dressing

Different areas throughout the United States have their preferred Thanksgiving meal traditions with either stuffing or dressing. No matter which you choose, this food is full of bread and a myriad of different fats. Luckily, there are solutions to even this issue. Whole grain stuffing of dressing options are available and these recipes can be made even more hearth healthy by using sea salts and reduced sodium ingredients. There is even a notion that is becoming quite popular in which you actually stuff the turkey with a variety of fresh fruits. The trick is to reduce the amount of standard bread and increase the total vitamin and mineral value of the dish.

Trax Farms

Your Thanksgiving does not have to be filled with foods that you know are completely unhealthy. Trax Farms in Finleyville, PA wants to help you have the heart healthy Thanksgiving season you truly deserve. Come see us for all of your fruit and vegetable needs. Fresh produce is always superior to canned and frozen, so visit us this season to stock up on the produce you need to maintain a healthy lifestyle during this thankful time of year. While you are here, bring the kids out for a day of fun on the farm!


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