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Spring Landscaping Ideas

Spring Landscaping Ideas

Spring is a wonderful time of year where people finally shed off the heavy blankets of winter and get back out into the great outdoors. Spring cleaning is a great tradition for the home, but people do not always consider the need to spruce up their yard as well. Landscaping is something that can make even a dilapidated home look appealing and makes the outdoor space a place that families can enjoy together. Here are some spring landscaping ideas for you and your family to try this spring.

Create Height

We live in a 3 dimensional world and yet, many landscapers merely utilize a flat surface as their blank canvas. A perfectly sculpted flat outdoor space can be beautiful, but even a flat surface can be enhanced by adding different layers into the mix. Adding depth to the space is easily accomplished by using wooden frames to make raised planting beds. This works best with an already sloped surface, but the raised planting beds can also be used on a flat yard by use of river rocks to hide the wood. Place the beds together and utilize a lot of color within to create a flowing landscape to the space.

Water Feature                                                                   

Water seems to add a calming effect to any garden space. You can spend money on a pre made water feature such as a fountain, but flowing water does not have to be manufactured in a factory. There are a number of methods for adding in a simple coy pond or even making a small flowing water feature. It will take a bit of elbow grease to dig out the hole for the pond, but once it is dug, you can line it with heavy duty plastic to keep the water from sinking into the ground and use river rocks to avoid the tacky plastic look and cover it up. For flowing water, make two holes and use one of the many pump systems to get the right effect.

Let Kids Add Color

Landscaping does not have to be a strict format. As adults, we can tend to overthink our landscaping ideas and believe that children are not able to contribute. It is important to show children that their opinions are valid and let them help with all activities around the home. One of the easiest ways to get the kids involved is adding color into the outdoor space. Pick out the flowers and plants that you want, but also give the kids something to do. Painting rocks for the garden area is an easy thing for them to do and their can add their own artistic flare to the space. Even though you may see nothing more than smudges of color on a simple rock, utilizing these things within the outdoor space will add a unique quality that the kids and your neighbors will really enjoy. Spring is the time of color and pastels work well with this time of year. Get creative and have fun with it.

Bring on the Butterflies

Seeing a field of beautiful butterflies is something that most people associate with fiction and television, but there are actually a number of plants that attract these beautiful creatures. Zinnia, Dill, Pansies, Milkweed, Mint, and aster are known to attract butterflies. This is a great way to educate children about different butterfly species and also keep the garden space healthy. Even if you are not a fan of butterflies, hummingbirds may be more attractive to you. To attract hummingbirds plant, Honeysuckle, Foxglove Lily, Larkspur, and Verbena.

Let Vines Take Over

There is something uniquely special about vines taking over a space. Vines can be a bit of a nightmare when landscaping, but when positioned in the right way, can be quite an eye catcher. Find the right vine for the colors you want to add to the space and consider adding in a support system. Vines grow very fast and many home improvement stores have metal structures that are easy to place in the ground for that coveted vine effect. Different shaped supports offer a different effect, so choose the structure wisely and you will have a shady vine rich area in no time.

Trax Farms

Landscaping is all about color and when you want to add a bit of color into your outdoor space, Trax Farms in Finleyville, PA is the place to do it at. We have flowers of all types to add in just the right hue to the space. Our plants are fresh and available for you to pick up right away. While you are with us, do not forget to bring the kids for a day of fun here on the farm. We have many activities for kids of all ages, so while you are shopping for the perfect flowers and plants, your kids will be having the time of their lives and getting some much needed fresh air. Come visit Trax Farms for fun and excitement for the whole family today.


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