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Activities to Do with Kids This Easter

Easter is an enjoyable time of year and as the temperatures begin to rise from the gripping chill of winter, families look for ways to spend time together. There are a number of activities for families during this time of year and if you are having trouble finding something for the family to do, here are a few ideas to get the wheels of creativity turning.

Spider Bunny

Easter morning typically involves a beautifully put together Easter basket filled with candies and toys straight from the Easter Bunny. The tradition is good, but can be enhanced by simple creativity. Kids today do not always have creative outlets and therefore parents have to come up with unique things for them to do. Easter can be the start of a beautiful tradition known as Spider Bunny. The Easter Bunny still comes, but instead of merely placing the basket out in the open, it is hidden. Tie a string to the end of the basket hidden in a specific location and run the long string throughout the house making a web of sorts. The other end of the string is taped to the wall with a message just outside the child’s room about how the spider bunny came and left a web of fun in which the child has to wrap the string up in order to find the hidden basket. It is fun with just one child, but if you have multiple children, use different colored string for an enjoyable time on Easter morning.

Bunny Bowling

Bowling is always fun no matter what time of year it is, but during Easter, a theme makes all the difference. Bunny bowling is easy and can be made inside the home or for an activity during one of the many Spring carnivals. Use some festive Easter themed paper to make the lane and line that with pool noodles. Line up tall bunnies as the pins and use one of the larger plastic eggs found in stores everywhere as the bowling ball.

Peep Smores

Easter candy is a right of passage here in America and we all have our favorites, but one type of candy that is especially popular around this time if year is the peep. These marshmallow filled sugary treats are a lot of fun to eat, but the fact that they are made of marshmallow means that they can be used as smores as well. Graham crackers, chocolate and the multi-colored marshmallows make for an excellent snack for the family or an easy treat at one of the many family friendly social events during the spring season.

Glow in the Dard Egg Hunt

The standard egg hunt is fun, but lacks the necessary challenge for many children. Today, eggs are no longer hidden, but simply laid out on the ground to be picked up. It is time that we put the challenge back into egg hunts, but with a twist. Try having an egg hunt at night and using glow in the dark eggs instead of the standard plastic eggs. Glow in the dark plastic eggs can be purchased at most stores and for the real egg traditionalists, glow in the dark paint is the perfect solution. You will find that even the smaller children are no longer scared of the dark when chasing after those glowing pieces of Easter tradition.

Peanut Butter Eggs

Family friendly activities are fun, but everyone will get hungry eventually and instead of rolling out the typical treats, consider making some with the family to keep the fun rolling. Peanut Butter Eggs are easy and fun to make. All you need to do is mix peanut butter with powdered sugar until it forms a moldable paste. Shape the paste into eggs shapes and place on a sheet tray. Freeze the eggs for about 15 minutes. While the eggs are freezing, melt chocolate in a double boiler. Once the peanut butter is firm, use a fork to dip each one in chocolate and place them onto waxed paper. Refrigerate until chocolate is set and then decorate with icing. It is a fun and tasty activity the whole family can do together.

Trax Farms

Throughout the year families love to come to Trax Farms in Finleyville, PA. We have so many activities for families, but Easter is an especially fun time of year to visit with us. The same beloved farm activities are still available, but with an added bonus. Families can reserve times to have either breakfast of lunch with the bunny. The delight on a kid’s face when they actually get to see and eat with the bunny is unimaginable, so be sure to make your reservations today. We have openings throughout the month of March, so act fast before all spaces are filled.


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