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Arsenal Cider House


Arsenal Cider House and Wine Cellar is a U.S. Civil War thematic winery specializing in small batch, hand crafted hard apple cider, "cider style" fruit/grape wines, & mead. Located just a few steps from the historic Allegheny Arsenal, our name sake, we are dedicated to providing high quality products, in a friendly nostalgic atmosphere.

Born out of obsession, Arsenal Cider House was conceived in 2008 and with the support of our awesome neighbors & community groups, Arsenal opened its doors in June, 2010 to a supportive and enthusiastic base of kick-ass customers. (You know who you are!)

Being the first cidery in Western Pennsylvania and also the first to sell wine in "beer kegs" and growlers in the State, Arsenal Cider has been an early pioneering influence in the craft hard cider industry. Pioneering products such as Hop Cider IPC, Greirson's Ginger Hard Apple Cider, & Picket Bone Dry Hard Cider have made Arsenal an early industry leader.





Daily Rations

In the early days of the Federal Allegheny Arsenal, troops were given three 4 ounce rations of whiskey every day.  This was well and fine until they started tripping over themselves. You see, the soldiers figured they could save up the rations and drink them all at once….this caused problems. Lt. Col. Abram Wooley, who was in charge at that time, felt the need to force the troops to drink their whiskey when given. Now that’s our way of problem solving! Our growlers are named “Daily Rations” to commemorate this series of events in our local history.




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