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Berry Picking

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Call about Berry Picking at 412.835.3246

Around the farm, we all grew up picking berries. Berry picking is a fun, heathy summer activity perfect for families and friends. It's a great educational family activity as your kids actually have the chance to see where food comes from and how it's harvested. Beyond family fun and education, picking your own berries offers benefits; spending time outdoors in the fresh air instead of hours spent in front of a computer screen. Plus, when you use Pick-You-Own berries for your cobblers, pies, summer salads and healthy smoothies, you'll taste the difference. In fact, you'll make the best cobbler in the South Hills of Pittsburgh!  U pick berries are great for freezer jams are another fun, healthy way to use your PYO berries. Freezer jam is easy to do and we carry all the Canning Supplies you'll need. Every year, the first day of picking varies. Keep an eye on our website, Facebook page and email newsletter for updates so you can be the first in the patch. Don't forget when you come to pick, you're on a farm. Watch your step and keep a lookout for groundhog holes. Also bring a bottle of water and a hat if it's sunny; the patch can get very hot. If it's too hot you can always get our Homegrown Berries in our market. Be sure to let us know who picked the best berry from your group and share your photos on our Facebook page. Follow the road signs straight to the picking fields. No need to drop in at the market. We apologize, but promotions and coupons do not apply to berry picking.

Blueberry  Picking

Pick Your Own Blueberries Pittsburgh Trax Farms

Blueberry picking starts in July when our blueberry bushes explode with large, plump, juicy berries just waiting to be picked!  Enjoy the great weather and joys of picking with your friends and family in our 2 acres of blueberry bushes located right behind the market. Pick-Your-Own blueberries is fun for everyone and we're sure to have all the blueberries you need.  Always call ahead at 412.835.3246 before you head out to the patch to ensure the fields are open for picking that day. Pittsburgh blueberry season is short and sweet so keep an eye on our road sign, Facebook page and newsletter for the latest blueberry news. Follow the road signs straight to the picking fields. No need to drop in at the market. Check out our delicious Blueberry Recipies for some great ideas for your fresh blueberries.

Strawberry Picking

PYO Strawberries Strawberry Picking Pittsburgh Trax Farms

Strawberry picking season is officaly over for this year.  We do have strawberries in our produce section while supplies last; always call the store before driving out 412-835-3246.  



Pumpkin Patch

They're not berries, but they sure are fun to pick. In the fall, take a Tractor-Pulled Hayride to our 3-Acre Pumpkin Patch and enjoy a great view of our farm from the hill above the market. Wander through hundreds and hundreds of bright orange beauties. We know you'll find your favorite in the best pumpkin patch in Pittsburgh!  Visits to the pumpkin patch begin with the opening of our annual Fall Festival in mid-September. Call ahead 412.835.3246 to be sure the tractor is running.  After a trip to the pumpkin patch, stop in the market for Jack-O-Lantern Carving Supplies and everything else that makes Halloween fun.


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