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Bulk Landscaping Materials South Hills Delivery

Bulk Landscaping Supplies from Trax Farms


South Hills bulk landscaping delivery or pick up is available at Trax! We've been a leading Greenhouse and Nursery for Pittsburgh, South Hills and the northern Washington County area for over 34 years. Now we can service your lawn, garden and landscape with the bulk landscaping supplies you need. Using our 148 years of farming and gardening experience, we make sure we offer only the highest quality bulk landscaping materials. If we wouldn't use it on our lawn and garden, we won't sell it. With all that experience, our knowledgeable staff can help you find the right landscaping supplies for the job, too. Whether you are looking to mulch your planting bed or your child's playground, our superior quality landscape supplies such as topsoil, leaf humus, mulch, decorative stone and gravel will help get it done. For bulk landscape delivery in Bethel Park, Finleyville, McMurray and the South Hills call 412.835.3246 x 112.


South Hills bulk mulch delivery and pick up is available in black and brown colors all summer. Using mulch is simply a good gardening habit. We should know; our family has been gardening for almost 150 years. Because of mulch’s versatility and value, it is the most commonly used bulk landscaping material. Bulk mulch can give your yard curb appeal and beautify your landscape by providing a uniform color and texture. Bulk mulch also has numerous health benefits for your Lawn and Garden. Mulch also provides a stable root environment by maintaining soil temperature, improves water absorbtion, prevents weeds, frost-heaving and soil splashing among other benefits.

Gardening tip:
Remember to keep your mulch at least 3 inches away from the base of new trees. Mulch breakdowns many organic materials to make your soil healthier and richer. That can include your young tree's bark.

Measuring Tip:
One cubic yard of mulch at a 2" depth covers approximately 160 square feet.


Fertile and dark, our premium topsoil is rich in organic matter and nutrients that both supports healthy plants and reduces erosion. Our bulk topsil contains very low levels of soluble salts, a high sodium adsorption rate, and consistent color, along with a good balance of clay, sand and silt. Our South Hills bulk topsoil delivery makes it easy to keep your garden and lawn going strong. For bulk topsoil delivery in the South Hills and McMurray give us a call.

 Decorative Stone

Decorative stones are a great way to maximize your home's curb appeal and beautify a front entrance or patio. Bulk decorative stone can also save you on watering, weeding and mowing. Decorative rocks create a varied and natural landscape that is low maintenance, multipurpose and will make your home the envy of the neighborhood. We carry bulk limestone, Riverbed Stone and Maryland Seashore. Bulk Decorative Stone delivery or pick up is available.

 Bulk Landscaping Delivery

South HIlls bulk landscape delivery to your home or job site in McMurray, Bethel Park and Finleyville is available all summer. You can pull up at our facility to pick up your bulk landscape materials. We're close enough that we're just a convenient drive away. We also offer high quality bulk landscaping supplies for both residential and corporate jobs. Delivery miles are calculated thru Google Maps. Sign up for our Newsletter or watch our Facebook Page for bulk landscaping specials and deals.


Bulk Items

Limestone 1B - $43.00/ton

Limestone 2A - $35.00/ton

Limestone 2B - $35.00/ton

Mulch pro brown - $33.00/yd.

Chips dyed brown - $36.00/yd.

Chips dyed black - $36.00/yd.

Riverstone 2B - $35.00/ton

Riverstone #3 - $35.00/ton

Stone md seashore 2x4 lrg - $90.00/ton

Stone md seashore 3/4 sm - $90.00/ton

Topsoil - $29.00/yd.

Mushroom Compost - $35.00/yd.


Landscape Delivery Pricing
0-5 miles . . . . . $25
5-10 miles . . . . $35
10+ miles . . . . $35 + $2 per mile

Truck Loads
Gravel 3 yards
Mulch 8 yards
Top Soil 4 yards

Frontloader Bucket is 27 cubic feet.


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