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As a satellite store for Arrowhead Wine Cellars, the wine shop at Trax Farms carries over 30 different varietals, blends, and fruit wines from Arrowhead; the best locally-produced, premium PA wines made with native, European, hybrid grapes and fruits. From tiny half bottles of sweet Vidal Ice Wine to heady dry reds like Cabernet Sauvignon to 1.5 liter bottles of Buffalo Blush.  We've got something for everyone. We also carry a multitude of wine accessories: cookbooks with drink mixes, wine racks, gift bags, fun wine glasses and so much more. For a perfect compliment to any gift of wine or party, add a touch of homegrown goodness with a Gift Basket. In addition to their award-winning taste, Arrowhead wines have a minimal amount of sulfites.  All our wines are gluten free. Stop by for some free samples!

Arrowhead Wine Cellars is located in the town of Northeast, Pa on the shores of Lake Erie. An approved American Viticultural Area, the Lake Erie Region is the largest grape growing region east of the Rockies. Grapes have been grown there since the land was settled, thriving in rich soils left by glaciers and favorable climates similar to those of the wine regions in France: both regions lay at the same latitude.


Local PA White Wines

Local Pa White Wine Pa wine Trax Farms

White wines are often considered aperitif wines, meaning wines consumed before dinner, in place of cocktails or at parties. They are especially perfect for summer get-togethers and hot weather because they are lighter in body making them more refreshing than red wines. Arrowhead produces a variety of white wines made from native, French, and hybrid grapes, including their own unique blends, European classics and many Pittsburgh favorites.


Naked Chardonnay - $14.99

Naked or un-oaked Chardonnay is a soft, full bodied dry wine that offers a refreshing alternative to the traditional Chardonnay.  Subtle aromas and flavors of citrus fruits, pear, and apple.

Chardonnay - Dry - $15.99

Chardonnay is a versatile grape that showcases the skill and vision of the vintner. Arrowhead's Chardonnay is dry, rich, and creamy with intense flavors reminiscent of tropical fruit and citrus. It has the true taste of the chardonnay grape with hints of butter and vanilla from light oak aging. This high quality local wine will improve with age (3-5 years suggested). In 2007, Arrowhead's Chardonnay received the Pennsylvania Excellence Award from the Pennsylvania Wine Society.

Bianca -  $15.99

 Semi-dry, the wine makers' custom white blend made from the best vintage of Traminette, Vignoles & Reisling grapes. Great with chicken, veal or seafood. A bright summer wine.

Diamond - Semi Sweet - $11.99, 1.5L - $16.99

With hints of pineapple and tropical fruits this wine is perfect for a summer picnic and is delicious. Enjoy it with fresh fruit, white meat or seafood.  Arrowhead's Diamond wine won a silver medal at the 2015 PA Farm Show. 

Riesling - Semi Dry - $14.99, 1.5L - $20.99

Riesling is made in the classic un-oaked style with flavors reminiscent of apricots, nectarines, and honey. It's smooth but crisp with mouth-filling, long-lasting flavors. Riesling is an especially easy wine to pair because of its balance of sugar and acidity. Riesling goes well with fish and pork and is one of the few whites that can stand up to the spices and strong flavors of Thai and Chinese foods.  

Reflections of Lake Erie - Semi Dry - $14.99

 Arrowhead's Reflections is a blend of Vidal and Reisling grapes.  Reisling imparts flavors of apricots, nectarines, and honey while Vidal is a hybrid famous for the sweeter wines it produces; it is especially popular in the Northeastern US and Canada for making ice wines. This semi-dry blend is known for if flavors followed by a smooth finish.


Niagara - Sweet - $11.99,  1.5L - $16.99

Niagara is a hybrid grape made from the crossing of red Concord grapes and white Cassady grapes. Because of its prevalence in juices this wine is easily compared to white grape juice with very sweet intense grape flavors and aromas. It is especially useful for marinating fruit salads, making wine spritzers, and cooking. Arrowhead's Niagara is a gold medal winner at the 2011 Finger Lakes International Wine Competition, adn a silver medal at the 2015 PA Farm Show. 


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Local PA Blush Wines  

Local Pa Blush Wine Pa Wine Trax Farms

Blush wines, or rosé wines, are made from red wine grapes. The skins of the grapes, which impart the color and tannins, are only left in contact with the wine for a short time. This gives the wine a pinkish hue and leaves the character of the wine more similar to a white. Blush wines pair well with most cheeses, egg dishes like frittatas or omelets, and pork. They also can be paired with white meats, even mild fish, because of the similarity to white wines.

Four Winds - Semi-Sweet - $11.99, 1.5L - $16.99

Four grape blend that offers strong grape flavors that are representative fo the Lake Erie appellation.  The Four Winds blush wona a bronze medal at the 2015 PA Farm Show.

Pink Catawba - Sweet - $11.99

At one time the most popular and widely planted grape in the US, the Catawba is a red hybrid grape with a long history in America. Arrowhead's Pink Catawba is sweet and exhibits very intense grape flavors and aromas with hints of citrus. It was awarded a Gold Medal by the Pennsylvania Wine Association in 2004.


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Local PA Sparkling Wines

Sparkling wines are most commonly thought of for celebrations. While many types of Champagne are dry, Arrowhead's sparkling wines are intensely sweet and have garnered numerous international awards. 

Dazzling Niagara Sweet - $14.99

Dazzling Niagara is one of Arrowhead's lead award winners; it was awarded a gold medal at the Pennsylvania Wine Competition in 2009, Best of Show for Sparkling Wine and a Double Gold at the Florida State Fair in 2008, a Double Gold Medal at the 2011 Finger Lakes International Wine Competition, and a gold medal at the 2015 PA Wine Show. A double gold means that it was unanimously voted a gold medal, in the case of the Finger Lakes International competition, by 60 judges.


Dazzling Sangria - $14.99
A carbonated twsit on our Sassy Sangria.


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Local PA Red Wines

 Local Pa Wine Pa Red Wine Trax Farms

Red wines are made from grapes with coloring anywhere from red to purple to blue. The color of the wine varies according to varietal and age of the wine. Young red wines are typically bold with red and purple colors, whereas mature wines turn to brick red or even to dull brown with age. The antioxidants in red wine have been proven to possess anti-aging properties and contribute to heart health by mimicking a restricted calorie diet and by blocking some of the body's chronic inflammation responses.

Cabernet Franc - Dry - $15.99

When vinified alone Cabernet Franc makes a light to medium-bodied bright red wine that is fruity and less tannic than Cabernet Sauvignon. Arrowhead's Cabernet Franc is dry and exhibits flavors reminiscent of black cherries, plums and oak from aging in American oak barrels. This high quality local wine will gain complexity with age (3-5 years suggested).  It won a gold medal at the Keystone Wine Competition in 2006, and a double gold at the Florida State International Wine Competition in 2004. 

Cabernet Sauvignon - Dry - $15.99

Cabernet Sauvignons are heavy, tannic wines that stand up to flavorful dishes but can overwhelm lighter flavored foods. As the wine ages it mellows allowing more food pairing possibilities. Aged in American Oak barrels, Arrowhead's Cabernet Sauvignon exhibits rich currant and black cherry flavors, which are balanced by smooth tannins and soft vanilla oak notes.  Although enjoyable now, this high quality wine will improve with age (3-5 years suggested).  It won a silver medal at the 2015 PA Farm Show. 

Merlot -  $15.99

A full bodied, oaked, dry red wine with hints of sweet cherries and blackberries. Pairs perfectly with grilled or roasted meats.
Scarlet - $15.99

Dry red blend of Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon and Teroldego grapes. Unoaked, very smooth with a hint of jamminess. A perfect wine for dinner or just sipping. 

Chambourcin - Dry - $13.99

Pronounced SHAM-bor-san.The Chambourcin grape is a very hardy French/American hybrid of unknown parentage. Wines made from Chambourcin are generally light to medium bodied and exhibit fruity, earthy, and spicy flavors.  Arrowhead's Chambourcin is dry and spicy with flavors reminiscent of black cherries and raspberries. Aged in American oak, it is similar to Merlot. Chambourcin complements a formal steak dinner or a juicy homemade hamburger. Our high quality Chambourcin wine will improve with age (3-5 years suggested). 

Ambrosia - Semi-Dry - $13.99

Ambrosia is made from a hybrid grape created at Cornell University. Wine made from this grape is fruity with hints of berries; it starts sweet but has a smooth dry finish. This versatile semi-dry wine is nice at room temperature or served slightly chilled.  And is excellent with BBQ, grilled meats and pizza. 

Fredonia - Semi-Sweet - $11.99, 1.5L - $16.99

Full bodied with intense aromas of freshly picked grapes. The Fredonia grape is a hybrid created in 1927 in Fredonia, New York.  Fredonia is similar to the Concord grape except it is harvested 2 weeks earlier and produces a fruity "grapey" wine. Like Concord, the Fredonia grape is excellent for juice, fresh eating, and wine making. Arrowhead's Fredonia wine is semi-sweet and grapey, but not quite as intense as the Concord wine.  It complements a variety of foods including red meats, pasta, and pizza.

Concord - Sweet - $11.99, 1.5L - $16.99

Concord is Pennsylvania’s most widely planted grape, and most commonly known for making most purple grape jellies, candies, and Welch's Grape Juice! This wine is the sweetest and grapiest made by Arrowhead and has often been described as "Welch's with a kick". It compliments red meats and pasta.

Port - Sweet - $15.99

Port is generally described as an after dinner wine. Arrowhead's Port is ruby style, the youngest Port variety recognizable by its bright red hue. Arrowhead's Port is made from the Concord and Chambourcin grapes giving it a hint of grape jelly flavor. Because Port is fortified, it has a high alcohol content at 18%.  It is excellent with dessert, a strong cheese, chocolate or a cigar.


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Local PA Fruit Wines

Local wine Pa Fruit Wine Trax Farms

The fruit wines are made from 100% locally-grown fruit with no grape filler, no mixtures and no added flavors or sugar.  All of Arrowhead's fruit wines are considered sweet, although some have a splash of tartness depending on the flavor of the fruit. While they all could easily be paired with desserts, these wines can also make an interesting addition to many meals.

Apple Wine - Sweet - $10.99

Light and crisp, this sweet wine is made from a blend of the finest locally-grown apples and tastes just like freshly picked apples. Pairs well with pork and smoked fish. 

Apple Spice - Sweet - $11.99

 Apple Spice wine tastes like homemade apple pie with cinnamon and clove. This wine can be heated and served from a crock-pot with cinnamon sticks to enhance the flavor. It is very popular in the fall and winter for holiday drinks or for cooking and is perfect for basting your holiday ham.

Blackberry - Sweet - $15.99 

A full-bodied wine, bursting with blackberry flavor.  Arrowheads Blackberry wine won a double gold medal at the 2015 PA Farm Show. 

Blueberry - Sweet - $12.99

 Rich and tart, Arrowhead's Blueberry wine is made pure by fermenting the whole berry, which imparts tannins from the skins and passes on all the flavors of a handful of fresh berries. It is considered a dessert wine, and can be reduced with fresh blueberries to create a blueberry sauce that is great with desserts like vanilla ice cream or cheesecake. 

Cherry - Sweet - $10.99

Light and refreshing, this cherry wine is made from Montmorency sour cherries. It pairs excellently with chocolate and dark chocolate which enhances the cherry flavor.

Red Raspberry - Sweet - $15.99

This pure raspberry wine is light, refreshing, and clean. The body is crisp, yet it bursts with red berry flavor.  


Sassy Sangria - $12.99, 1.5L - $17.99

Take a European vacation by enjoying Arrowhead Sassy Sangria.  A blend of grape & fruit wines.  Serve well chilled & enjoy! 

 Strawberry - Sweet - $13.99

The body is crisp yet bursting with honeyed red berries. This strawberry wine smells of heady strawberry jam, but has a light body and slightly dry finish that makes it especially refreshing. It is made from strawberries locally grown just north of Pittsburgh. Try pairing it with fruit salad or pound cake! 


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Local PA Ice Wines

Ice wine is a sweet dessert wine created by using grapes left on the vine until frozen. The grapes are then picked and crushed while still frozen. This creates a sweeter, more concentrated wine. The process is risky, costly and only a very low volume can be made. These delicious, sweet wines are more than worth the effort. Due to the low volume and risk, samples of ice wine are $2.

Vidal Ice Wine -Sweet - $28.99

This super sweet ice wine is made from the Vidal grape: a hybrid originally made for Cognac but because of its winter hardiness it is most common in the Northeastern US and Canada. The Vidal grape has a balance of high acidity and high sugar content combined with a thick skin that makes it ideal for ice wine production. Arrowhead's Vidal ice wine has a rich, golden hue. It exhibits a sweet and fruity flavor with aromas of peach, apricot, and lime. It has a long lasting finish of apricot, tangerine, and honey.


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Local PA Crooked Core Hard Cider

Fermented from a unique blend of apples in the same way our apple wine is made.  It is then back sweetened with unfermented cider to add back some of the fresh apple flavors and drop the alcohol to 8%.  It is then further sweetened to a 3% residual sugar level and delicately flavored with maple and cinnamon. Finally it is carbonated and bottled. Gluten Free.

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