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Specialty Market at Trax Farms

In 1979, we expanded our farm market into a grocery and specialty foods store. Finally, we could share the unique flavors we found in Grandma Trax’s pantry with all of Pittsburgh‘s families, foodies and adventurous eaters. Of course, we didn’t call folks foodies or localvors 30 years ago. We just called them neighbors. Today all of our South Hills neighbors know to turn to our specialty market for our unmatched variety of homemade quality specialty foods. We carry a delicious and varied line of fruit salsas, sauces, snacks and our fine selection of specialty gourmet and old-fashioned foods. Our shelves are stocked with delectable jams, jellies, butters, over 24 tangy unique barbecue sauces and 27 unique Trax Farms salad dressings. We promise our Sweet Apple Honey Mustard or Blackberry Walnut will add zip to your salads. For old-fashioned, unique pickled goods, we're the best specialty market in the South Hills. We carry jars of chutneys, piccalillis, chow chows and more. We also offer you the very best from other local, family-owned companies from Pittsburgh, the South Hills and the Tri-State Area. Between all the flavors, baking mixes and kitchen utensils we’re much more than your traditional country store. If you’re craving the flavors from your own great grandma’s kitchen, there’s only one place to look in all of Pittsburgh. That’s Trax Farms, and our Trax Pantry goods and easy baking mixes. Just remember to get enough, because we’re sure everyone will want seconds.

Local Honey

Local Pittsburgh Honey South Hills Honey Trax Farms

Families from McMurray, Bethel Park and around the South Hills are always asking for our honey and telling us how it helps them with their seasonal allergies. We can’t promise an allergy cure, but we can promise our delicious honey has wonderful benefits. We carry our local honey in a wide assortment of sizes and jars.
We even have honeycombs and beeswax. 

Canning and Pickling Supplies

Canning-Pickling -Supplies-Trax-Farms

Experienced canners love our full line of Ball canning products and handy tools from Progressive. We carry cookbooks, no-drip funnels, stock pots, lid-lifters and more. Basically, everything from Fresh-Picked Produce to jar labels can be found in our gourmet market. If you never tried canning or pickling we'll be happy to get you started. With over 148 years of farming and canning, we can help you with your large canning jobs or your quick and simple canning projects like freezer jam or refrigerator pickles. With our tips and great selection, you can preserve something delicious in no time.

Old Fashioned Candy and Gourmet Chocolates

Old Fashioned Nostalgic Gourmet Candy Trax Farms

Mallo Cups, Slo Pokes, Charleston Chews, Necco Wafers and more can be found in our old-fashioned candies section for those with a nostalgic sweet tooth. For those not interested in nostalgic candy, we also carry gourmet chocolate and candies from local chocolatiers Sarris Candies and Wagner's Chocolates. Stop by the candy department and you'll find all the delicious sweets you'll need.

Gourmet Coffee

Gourmet Coffee Trax Farms

With over 25 unique coffees and blends, coffee lovers in the South Hills have discovered that our specialty market is a great place to stock up on good coffee. We offer our own gourmet coffee blends in both ground and whole bean in great flavors like rich, warm Farmhouse to fun, robust blends like Bananas Fosters and Hawaiian Macadamia. Decaffeinated options are available for most of our coffees. We offer whole bean Fair Trade and organic, locally roasted, coffees as well. You'll also find Rainforest Alliance Certified beans from local micro-roaster, 19 Coffee. 

Gluten Free

As a large family we know there can be many diets to accommodate. We understand and have a constantly growing line of options for those on gluten free diets. Healthy snacks, spreads and mixes are available in our specialty market.


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