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Fresh Produce

Fresh picked apples, tomatoes fruits and vegetables

Locally Grown Fresh Produce at Trax Farms

Call our Produce Department at 412.835.3246 x 102

We have Pittsburgh's best locally-grown fruits and vegetables year-round because our produce is always farm fresh. The homegrown produce from our 325-acre Pittsburgh farm, is available from spring to late fall. With a focus on locally grown Pittsburgh produce, if it doesn't come from our farm it was most likely picked at our cousin's farm down the road or a farm located in the Tri-State Area. We also carry fresh tropical staples like kiwis, oranges, bananas and more. They might not have been grown here, but they'll taste so fresh you'll think they were. Whether we grow it or not, all our produce has to pass our high standards. As farmers, if we wouldn't put it on our table, we won't sell it for yours. If you have any questions while visiting our Produce Market, our friendly, knowledgeable staff will always have an answer for you. Check our Facebook page produce specials.


Homegrown Produce

The homegrown season starts with our fresh homegrown asparagus in May. Homegrown strawberries arrive in early June and black raspberries, blackberries, and blueberries are not far behind. Every year we rotate some crops out, but you can be assured we'll always grow our berries. By summer, our homegrown fruits and vegetables fill our store. They're so fresh, you'll literally be eating for dinner what we picked that morning.
If you come early enough you might even see our tractors pulling in with loads of fresh-picked, prize-winning cantaloupes, baskets of juicy peaches, and hand-picked tomatoes. For the canning season, we grow peppers, green beans, yellow beans, corn, and tomatoes. Our growing season ends with a wide selection of the best locally-grown apples and squash in Pittsburgh. With all our delicious homegrown produce we've won too many awards to count. To be fair, we've been perfecting our Pittsburgh farm-grown produce for 148 years.

If you want a true farm experience at Trax, we suggest Pick-Your-Own Strawberries in June and blueberries in July. October means it's time to take your family on a Hayride to our Pick-You-Own Pumpkin Patch,
a Pittsburgh favorite for generations.



Homemade Cider

In 1963, starting simply with a rack press in the basement of our cider barn, Uncle Al Trax, Bob Trax and John Trax, Jr. pressed our first batch of apple cider. After 50 years, we’re still making great homemade, fresh-pressed cider at the cider barn. The rack press is gone and we've upgraded to a well engineered Willmes Press but the rich, delicious flavor has never changed. Each year our cider season starts at the end of August and runs through February. Our Trax Farms Apple Cider is available in pints to full gallons. For a different twist, try our Cranberry Apple Cider, available in half gallons. Drop by on weekends in October for a free sample. Not only is our cider some of the best around, you’ll love knowing there’s lots of history and hard work from our 150 year-old farm in every sip.


Homegrown Tomatoes

Local Pittsburgh Tomatoes Trax Farms

Our local PA homegrown tomatoes are the the number one selling item at Trax Farms! Yes, we carry green tomatoes too; perfect for frying. Give us a call to reserve your bushel at 412.835.3246.


Local PA Apples

Our homegrown apples, available in 21 different varieties, are grown right here on the farm in our 2,250 tree orchard. From summer apples to Jonagold in September, we have a juicy, delicious apple for everyone's taste. With so many apple options we know it can be a little overwhelming, but our knowledgeable staff is happy to help with any apple questions you may have. 


Pittsburgh's Best Homegrown Corn

Pittsburgh Homegrown Locally grown Sweet Corn at Trax Farms

We have the best corn in Pittsburgh! Just ask our customers. From as far as Fox Chapel they've been coming to Trax every summer for generations just for a taste of our sweet corn. That's why we can honestly say we grow Pittburgh's favorite sweet corn. As our largest crop on the farm, we plant about 85 acres each year. If the weather cooperates, our corn on the cob is usually available for July 4th. Try our Fresh Corn Recipes for some delicious fritters, chowder and more.


Homegrown Strawberries

Fresh Locally-grown Strawberries Pittsburgh Trax Farms

We love strawberries and we've been growing them for over 50 years. Our strawberry patches cover approximately 7 acres and we usually see ripe berries at the end of May or early June depending on the local weather. Our strawberries are available in quart baskets in our farm markets. If interested in a large quality purchase just give us a call at 412.835.3246. We also offer You-Pick Strawberries if you want to experience our strawberry patch. Always remember to call for availability before coming or check the Berry Picking page.
Try our Strawberry Recipes for some delicious cobblers, cakes and more.


Homegrown Blueberries

Fresh picked Pittsburgh Blueberries Trax Farms

Blueberry muffins, blueberry pie, blueberry jam. The list of delicious things to make with blueberries is endless, and we grow great blueberries at Trax. We also have great Blueberry Recipes. Stop by for our homegrown blueberries in June depending on the weather. We also open our patch for Blueberry Picking if you would like to experience Pick-Your-Own blueberries. Be sure to check our Berry Picking page or call for availability before you come out to the farm. Try our Blueberry Recipes for some delicious cobblers,
cakes and more.

 Canning & Pickling

Canning Pickling Supplies Bulk Produce Trax Farms

We have homegrown and local produce available in bulk for canning and pickling throughout the year.
Tomatoes for homemade sauces, cabbage for homemade sauerkraut, peaches and beets are all available. Call us and we can hold a bushel for you. We also carry a wide assortment of Canning and Pickling Supplies. Canning Tips and Canning Recipes are available on our Recipes page.


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