Lawn & Garden Shop

Our Lawn & Garden shop has all the essentials that you need to grow a healthy lawn, beautiful flowers and a bountiful garden. We carry fertilizers, garden soils, gloves, tools, and pots of every variety. Dress up your yard with a statue, a gazing ball or a flag or choose from many other pieces that will add character to your yard. We are the largest dealer of stone fountains and statuary from Henri Studio and Massarelli’s in the South Hills area. The wildlife section features birdseed, bird baths and feeders including hummingbird supplies. Our best-selling Corinthian Bell Wind Chimes make the wind sing.

We also offer a seasonal patio shop with outdoor furniture, umbrellas and cushions so you can relax and enjoy the outdoors!

Products Pictured Above Are Subject to Availability.  These Images are to display the types of products that we carry.  We may not have these exact products in the store at this time. 

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